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OPEN LETTER 11/26/17

Gentle Penny Gadfly

Published by David Morochnick






The purpose of this email is two-fold: 1) to reaffirm our family’s concerns over several health care issues and 2) to respond to the visiting restrictions imposed on Wednesday, 11/22/17 and ask that those be reconsidered and removed.

With continued reprisal in the form of threats and restricting the visiting rights of family members (respectfully and appropriately advocating for a beloved family member), once again hostility and deflection prevail at XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) while negligence and severe lapses in health care continue unchallenged. The failure in administrative oversite of XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) employees and the turning a blind eye to neglect and abuse of vulnerable nursing home residents however astonishing, equally so is the hostility apparent in rejecting the concerns of loving family members and advocates and opting instead to harass and engage in cynical methods of retaliation and reprisal. Such actions betray not only XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) prominently displayed “Mission Statement,” they betray the teaching of every descent religion just as they betray the fundamental tenants of civil society itself.

Once again, confronted with honest and respectfully communicated concerns, an XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) administrator has acted-out with astonishing impunity and insensitivity. The refusal of XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) administrators to even have a conversation and instead once again impose visiting restrictions (with no explanation of any reasons or causes, coherent or otherwise), is outrageous and unreasonable; and must be brought to light.

Over this past weekend, my sister and I brought serious lapses in our mother Lynne’s care to your attention and instead of addressing those concerns, you retaliated with reprisals of baseless, (unexplained and undocumented) accusations as a false pretext for once again restricting a loving family member’s visiting rights; one whose only ‘offence’ is challenging systemic negligence and abuse at XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) you refuse to address and complaints about which you aggressively reprise, all with apparent and inexplicable impunity.

Friday, 11/24/17 at 11:00 AM, Lynne’s Godson K and I came in to find our mother Lynne groaning in pain and nearly despondent amidst a strong odor of feces. We were told by nurses and CNAs that she had been groaning and stressed all morning. We pointed out the odor of feces to one of the nurses who then had her taken to a commode. Too little, too late. She had already gone in her Depends. The obvious conclusion, she was denied use of the commode when she had to go and then was left in her soiled diaper, groaning and in despair all morning long. After using the commode, predictably, Lynne was her usual, smiling, pleasant self again; conversant and able to enjoy simple conversation.

Also, when Lynne was in the miserable state in which we found her this morning, nurses informed me that blood and urine tests had been ordered. Normally not adverse to precautionary measures like this, I believe it a bad idea (as anyone would) and harmful for Lynne to have to endure a battery of tests simply because she was refused access to a commode and was left in a heavily soiled diaper for an entire morning.

Incidents like this and worse have been reported to XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) administrators many times over the past year and yet they continue to happen. Even Friday, while all this was happening with Lynne, Resident XXXXXXXXXXXX, with glasses placed crookedly on her face and sitting in the Day Room, called out over and over again for something to drink, and no one came to assist (similar to many incidents witnessed by our family and the families of other many other residents at XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) calling out for water, to use the bathroom, etc.).

As I previously reported, last week and over the weekend, my sister and I both witnessed CNAs attempting to lift our mother Lynne using new equipment they freely admitted they had no idea how to use. This, in itself is outrageous. How in God’s name can you expect your staff to perform dangerous transfers with patients using equipment they have no idea how to use? When this first occurred on Friday 11/17/17, my sister L. and I appealed to the Therapy Director for help, who agreed to come to Lynne’s room and instruct the CNAs trying to transfer Lynne; which she did and Lynne was transferred safely.

The Timeline is as clear now as it was back in August.

           11/17, 11/19, 11/20: NEGLECT AND MISTREATMENT REPORTED

                     VISITING RESTRICTIONS IMPOSED (Family punished)

I am a religious person and believer in the Almighty. As such and knowing the supreme values your organization professes, it is with heart-felt honesty that I appeal to you once again, for God’s sake and for the sake of Lynne and every resident at your nursing home, PLEASE stop trying to ‘burn the messengers.’ Melt your heart; listen and receive the truth, no matter the discomfort. XXXXXXXXXXXX (Lynne’s Nursing Home) residents on the 2nd floor continue to suffer needlessly and they need your help and oversight.


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