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From day one this website launched, I posted the above statement “LET THERE BE NO MISUNDERSTANDING…things are not OK;” because it was important to me then as it is now to remember and recognize publicly that the Health Care Profession is a noble calling and the majority of Health Care Professionals are hardworking, caring and compassionate people who serve with dedication and love!


And when I state this, I do so not as some flowery assumption to make myself and others feel good. I say this as someone who has witnessed it first hand. The dedication and hard work of the majority of Health Care Professionals with whom I have come in contact, especially the CNAs, but also the nurses, fills me with tremendous gratitude, especially knowing the challenges, (at times unreasonable) these outstanding people endure on a daily basis.


There are so many that come to mind for whom I feel eternally grateful, it would take pages and pages to tell their stories and sing their praises. One CNA Marilyn currently working with my mother, mostly evenings, works with unfailing compassion and energy. She never stops. And she interacts with the elderly residents in her charge as if each one is a cherished member of her own family.


And Marilyn is so intelligent in her work. Never ‘one size fits all,’ Marilyn truly gets to know each and every resident with whom she works, discovering all the important and subtle aspects of each as an individual, allowing what she discovers to inform her every move. She is a force of nature in the best sense of the term and a true blessing to anyone with whom she comes into contact.


AND THERE ARE MANY OTHERS…more in upcoming posts…





A new section on, IN PRAISE OF CARE GIVERS ( affording me and anyone else who would like to share similar stories the opportunity to recognize the heroic efforts and deeds of the great majority of the Health Care Professionals involved in nursing home care. Please feel free to send me stories you would like posted (always with anonymity and without any identifying information in the responsible protection of people’s privacy).

As astounded as I am by the negligence and mistreatment I have witnessed at Lynne’s Nursing Home, I am often nearly as astounded by the resilience and shear fortitude of the many health care professionals who day in and day out conscientiously work with compassion and kindness despite the adverse conditions in which they work. For every jaded worker who has given up on their humanity and succumb to the negative inertia around them, double and triple numbers have resisted and humanly maintain their dignity and the dignity of the vulnerable and disabled in their care; giving new and ever inspiring meaning to the term ‘unsung hero.’

Nurse Pria comes to mind as one of those who inspires me most. Strong and deliberate, she often works on Lynne’s floor affording me the blessing of seeing her in action. Always smiling and full of joy, Nurse Pia displays her diligence with a natural grace and ease completely immune to any negativity around her. She responds to her patients with undaunted refusal to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. And when she sees that something is not right, she takes action with no concern of reprisal from her colleagues or superiors.

Recently an incident occurred with one of the patients in Nurse Pia’s care which she could have easily ignored and to which she could have easily turned a blind eye; as others in her place too often do. But not Nurse Pia. Acting on the humane instincts born to us all, he spoke up and addressed the situation as if her patient were her own mother. She brought comfort and ameliorated an otherwise painful situation to the complete relief of those involved. Thank you and God bless you Nurse Pia!


the Health Care Profession is a noble calling and the vast majority of Health Care Professionals are hardworking, caring and compassionate people who serve with dedication and love!  Nonetheless, for reasons often left obscured and hidden, huge numbers of elderly, disabled people are languishing and it is up to us, the younger and able bodied to respond and help turn things around. My fight for my mother Lynne must be our fight for every elderly and disabled person ignored and left alone in their pain and isolation; including and especially when family and loved ones are misled, even by wishful thinking or self-delusion, and made to believe that things are OK.


In Praise and Gratitude of the Caring

who despite 'THINGS ARE NOT OK' work day in and day out with remarkable dedication and unfailing compassion, most often unnoticed, never receiving the praise and recognition they so greatly deserve.

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